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Write-up: places & traces in The Nameless City

Geographers at work: comics

Here are a set of resources that will give you a more formal sense of geographic approaches to comics. WOU login may be required to access readings.


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Matt Herbert

I watched the interview with David Hahn. I thought it was interesting that he moved to Portland because of the comic community. I also like how he says Portland is very “visually interesting town” and how it is exciting and stimulating for him. He is inspired by the landscapes in Portland and incorporates that into his artwork. Before watching this interview, I never really knew there was a “comic community” per se, but now I know that there are people who live there that put their positivity and creativity towards creating a culture of people who love comics. Pretty neat!


I think that what Matt said was really interesting, and I think having lived in Portland I agree with what a lot of what David Hahn has to say. I agree that Portland can be really visually interesting, especially with so much of the street art being prominently displayed. There is one piece in praticular that the interview made me think about, it is the art across the street from the library on 39th in SE. I think that when we look at a place with a close eye we can see a lot of interesting visual representations of place that we may not have noticed previously.

John Stone

It's really interesting to see all of the featured comic artists that have moved from different states all over America to the same city of Portland. It seems like Portland has been designated as a place for comic artists, which we see with the many comic communities and "cliques" as they were called. Artists reference people and scenery, and Portland is a perfect place for observing everything around you, which is why it's a great place for any artists.

Madison Overholser

I thought it was very interesting and cool that you chose to use comic's as a medium for teaching about cultural geography. I honestly learn more about the power of comics as medium, how to read them, the common themes and ideas presented in them ,and the history behind them. I think you should keep using the blog in your classes, especially because of the studies saying that young melienias struggle with face-to face interactions and will perform better using technology or some form of media.

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